Stubborn Showers to Depart — Get Ready for Midweek Sun

But blustery weather returns for the Red Sox Home opener on Thursday

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Stubborn rain showers will develop and redevelop over the course of the day Tuesday, particularly in southern and eastern New England, where plenty of moisture lingers in the air for clouds, showers and a damp feeling that will make high temperatures in the 40s feel like the upper 30s at the warmest time of the day for many. 

Nonetheless, the slow-moving weather pattern keeping these showers redeveloping in place will also mean a very light wind, so there’s no wind chill added to the already-cool feeling. 

Once a final disturbance at the jet stream level moves over New England Tuesday evening, an attendant cold front at the surface moves through and opens the door to drier air that will clear the sky overnight and send temperatures to and below freezing. Although a few icy spots may develop where moisture lingers, chances are good showers shut down early enough in the night that much of the moisture on roads dries up before temperatures reach 32 degrees, avoiding much in the way of road ice. 

Wednesday sunshine will afford high temperatures either side of 50 degrees for many, with a gentle northerly wind light enough to allow for sea breezes to develop during the midday and afternoon, separating highs in the 50s inland from falling afternoon temperatures that will slip back below 50 degrees at the coast during the afternoon. 

Another cold front – a strong one – crosses New England overnight Wednesday night, and will drag with it a quick-moving line of rain and snow showers marking the start of colder and windier conditions, but dropping a coating of snow for many and as much as a quick 1-2 inches of overnight snow in the mountains. 

The bigger impact will be the new air behind the cold front: blustery conditions with high temperatures around and below 40 degrees and a northwest wind at 10-20 mph sustained with gusts to 35 mph, combining to create a wind chill in the 20s and 30s at the warmest time of day! 

Of course, Thursday is the Red Sox Season Home Opener at Fenway Park, so wind and chill will be a factor – sunny, but a northwest wind will blow from third to first base through the game. 

The chill eases Friday but clouds increase ahead of the next storm system poised to track from the Midwest through the Great Lakes and eventually through the North Country of New England Friday through Saturday, delivering a shot of wintry mix to rain in our North Country Friday evening to Saturday, and rain showers farther south. 

Accompanying the rain showers Saturday will be a southerly wind that will boost southern New England temperatures over 60 degrees for a time Saturday before drier and cooler air delivers a brighter and bit brisk Sunday.  A similar disturbance may return both rain showers and mild air to New England by next Tuesday, in the exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.

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