Clouds to Return to Region, Coastal Rain Possible

The front that moved by Monday with all that wind, warm air, and rainfall is now pushing south of New England. This front also brought an end to the record heat in the southeastern United States that had been around for the last six weeks.

Tuesday turns into a nice day with sunshine through the clouds for central and northern New England, and partly cloudy but mostly dry along the south coast.

High temperature Tuesday will generally be in the 60s with wind from the north 10 to 20 mph.

That same weather front is stalling over the ocean to our south and merging with a cluster of thunderstorms that has been stalled out east of the Bahamas for the last two weeks, perhaps the remnant of tropical storm Jerry in some of that energy.

That tropical energy, and Monday night's front, are set to merge and generate a large slow-moving powerhouse of an ocean storm off the east coast of the United States for the rest of the week.

The new low-pressure system initially will not have much fuel to work with, but as it becomes more organized, it will use the cooler air arriving in New England Tuesday along with the warm humid air over the Gulf stream in the Atlantic Ocean. It may be a hybrid storm - like a nor’easter and a tropical storm - combined. It is a very challenging forecast here in New England as to how it will impact us.

The early call is for clouds to return Tuesday night and Wednesday, with the chance of some rain near the coast in the southern part of the region. Meanwhile, we’ll stay dry with relatively light wind in northern New England.

Lows Tuesday night are expected to be in the 30s and 40s. Highs on Wednesday are estimated to be in the 60s north and 50s south, where the clouds are thicker.

The ocean storm is forecasted south of Nantucket and drifting to the north, even northwest, Wednesday night into Thursday. We may have some heavier rain bands move into parts of southern and eastern New England for the middle and second half of the week.

The only thing for certain is that the ocean waves are going to build up 10 to 15 feet along the south coast as wind from the northeast will be gusting past 35 mph on our shoreline day-after-day going into the weekend.

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Fortunately, the tide is not running that strong so we do not expect widespread coastal flooding, but it could be a serious erosion event for east facing shorelines. The air over New England is going to be pretty dry, so it will be a challenge getting the heavy rain in.

If it does manage to saturate, we could be measuring rainfall in inches somewhere in southern and eastern New England. It is a very low confidence forecast and unfortunately, that low confidence goes into the weekend.

A major snowstorm in the central and western United States will be approaching New England. We will not get any snow, but that energy may arrive in time to keep showers going this weekend.

Temperatures are on the cool side the rest of the week in the 50s, hopefully warming to the 60s with some brightening this weekend into the holiday Monday, as seen here and our First Alert 10-Day Forecast.

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