NBC10 Boston Everywhere: Where to Find Us on Air and Online

Here's where to find NBC10 Boston - however you want your news!

iOS & Android News Apps

Our apps connect you with top local stories and weather, breaking news, live TV and award-winning investigative journalism.

Apple TV, Fire TV and Roku TV

Our app is available on Apple TVFire TV and Roku TV.

To add the app, open your device and search for "NBC10 Boston."

FAST Channels

NBC10 Boston News on Roku TV

  • • Turn on your Roku device
  • • Use one of the following access points:
    • Select the Live TV tile on your Roku TV home screen and then click the left arrow button, OR
    • Open The Roku Channel app, click the left arrow button to access the left-hand navigation menu, scroll down to Channel 140 and select Live TV

NBC10 Boston News on Peacock

With NBC Boston News on Peacock, you can watch local news, 24 hours a day and seven days a week – for free! 

  • First, go to PeacockTV.com or download the free Peacock app for your streaming device, phone or tablet. It's available for iPhone or Android.
  • Then, click on the “channels” tab in the app. 
  • Scroll through the channels to NBC Boston News. 

NBC10 Boston News on Samsung TV+

Samsung TV+ is available on certain Samsung devices. To watch NBC10 Boston on Samsung TV+ on your Samsung mobile device, download the app in the Galaxy Store or Google Play Store. To watch on your Samsung TV, navigate to the app bar on the bottom of your screen.

See the full list of national and local news channels available!

Amazon Alexa

  • Enable news updates on your Amazon Echo Device by going to More -> Settings -> News
  • Edit the "Flash Briefing"
  • Search for and enable "NBC10 Boston"
  • Say, “Alexa, what’s my flash briefing?” to hear updates

or you can click here to enable the skill.


You can find our award-winning podcasts on Art 19.

To find NBC10 Boston on Apple Podcasts, open the app and search "NBC10 Boston."

Youtube and Youtube TV

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