Disturbing ‘Kill Cops' Graffiti Found at Southbridge Park

The graffiti was discovered the same day Weymouth, Massachusetts Police Sgt. Michael Chesna was laid to rest

On the same day a slain Massachusetts police sergeant was laid to rest, authorities in Southbridge are investigating who left disturbing graffiti targeting police at a park.

Police said the words "Kill Cops" were written in red spray paint on a sign at a soccer field on West Street sometime overnight.

It was an officer patrolling the park early Friday morning who made the discovery.

Police Chief Shane Woodson said he doesn't necessarily think there’s an imminent threat to officers, but obviously thinks it was done purposely the same day of Weymouth Police Sgt. Michael Chesna's funeral.

Chesna was killed Sunday after responding to a call of an erratic driver and crashed vehicle. Emanuel Lopes, 20, allegedly threw a large rock at the sergeant's head then grabbed Chesna's gun and shot him.

While police investigate who left the graffiti, area residents say it's disgusting.

"It breaks my heart when I heard about that shooting. We have all our flags at half mast. I thought everyone was aware, and we have real unity... we have a real young police force, they're all young guys, it’s a new day in Southbridge, and to see that kind of negativity it just upsets me," said Southbridge resident Paul Zotos.

Police said there are cameras in the area but not at the end of the field where the graffiti took place. Authorities are working other angles to try and solve the case.

A minimum charge for the graffiti would be vandalism.

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