Heroic Firefighters Save Dog Who Fell in Amesbury Frozen Pond

The pit bull had been in the freezing cold pond for about 10 minutes before her rescue

NBCUniversal, Inc.

The swift work of two heroic firefighters saved the life of a dog who fell into freezing waters in Massachusetts on Sunday.

Amesbury police said they received a call regarding a pit bull named Navia who ran away from home. An officer spotted the pooch near Water Street, but the frightened dog took off toward Clarks Pond and fell through the thin ice.

Firefighters jumped into action and into the frozen pond to make their way toward the endangered dog, who had been in the water for about 10 minutes before their arrival.

Video of the scene showed Navia in the middle of the pond and two firefighters approach her with a boat. One firefighter successfully grabbed the cold-stricken pup and swam toward a small pier for safety.

The dog was warmed up with sheets and a towel before she was returned to her owners. Authorities said Navia is “healthy and safe.”

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