New England Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

From turkeys to trimmings, Thanksgiving feasts were coming together Tuesday night as shoppers get ready for the big day.

"It's just crazy," said Susan Selway as she shopped at Market Basket in Waltham, Massachusetts. "Getting here is crazy, never mind shopping in there, the lines are incredible, you can barely move your cart in the store."

It's not exactly last minute shopping, but the clock is ticking.

"A little overwhelming for me," said Kathy Barrille of Newton. "I'm usually a better guest than a hostess, so this is big for me, but we've been prepping."

Tuesday is considered to be a good day to do grocery store shopping ahead of Thanksgiving. The weekend before and the day before the holiday are typically much busier.

Similarly, people looking to avoid the Wednesday rush got their traveling out of the way Tuesday.

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