Newton Police Investigating String of Break-ins

At least six homes were broken into between Monday evening and Tuesday morning in Newton, Massachusetts

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Police in Newton, Massachusetts, are investigating a series of home break-ins.

Steven and Rose Nedeljkovic had just gone to bed when Rose heard something on the second floor of their home.

"Somebody is coming -- he uses a walker, it's not him -- somebody go up the steps," she said.

Nedeljkovic said she yelled to her husband in a different bedroom and the person ran down the stairs and out of their home.

Nearby, a woman who didn't want to be identified says she had just sat down in her basement to eat dinner and watch TV when she heard footsteps on the first floor. The woman says she froze for a few minutes before deciding she had to get out of the house. The woman says she quietly went upstairs, grabbed the knife she had just used to make her salad, took her wallet and bolted to her neighbor's house to call 911.

The woman says as she was on the phone with police, she saw two men inside her home.

Police in Newton say they're investigating at least six break-ins that were reported from Monday evening through Tuesday morning.

"Newton is a very safe city, the safest city in America a few times in the last 20 years, and if it can happen in Newton, it can happen anywhere," said Newton Police Lt. Brue Apotheker.

Mark Peraner and his wife also believe someone broke into their home sometime Monday evening.

"They put a chair on my patio and went up to the roof," Peraner said.

Peraner's wife woke up Tuesday morning and noticed a door that is always open was closed. She opened it to find footprints on the bed and a window open.

The Peraner's are not sure what, if anything, was taken. Still, they feel violated.

"When someone infringes upon your property, that is a pretty serious thing, especially when you are here," he said. "What if I had confronted them and they had a gun or who knows what?"

Police say they believe all six incidents are connected. They're not also working to see if three break-ins reported a few weeks ago could also be related.

"You want to look outside your home, what do you have out there that someone could use to gain entry into your home?" Apotheker said.

Rose Nedeljkovic is still in shock.

"I am sick still, I am afraid to go out, I'm like, in jail, that never happened to us," she said. "We live in Florida, and Pennsylvania, and nothing happened, it was very quiet, but not now."

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