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Red Sox Fan Base Ranked 2nd ‘Most Dumpable' in the MLB

While Red Sox fans did best their rivals, the New York Yankees, in a recent survey, they were still ranked the #2 "Most Dumpable" fan base when it comes to relationships

What does being a fan of a certain team say about you? A new survey from the sports betting analysis site Online Betting attempts to answer that question, and hardcore fans of one Boston sports team may not want to hear it.

A recent survey broke down the most dateable and dumpable fan bases in the MLB, and while the Red Sox fans did best their rivals rooting for the New York Yankees, they were still ranked the #2 Most Dumpable fan base when it comes to relationships.



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Along with that title, fans of the Red Sox were also ranked second in the categories Most Likely to Cheat and Most Likely to be Eternally Single. While these results might seem bleak, Sox fans were also ranked #4 for Most Dateable.

According to the report, single people should avoid pursuing Yankees fans, who were voted #1 Most Dumpable, Most Likely to Cheat, and Most Likely to be Eternally Single.

Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale walked in a run at a rehab start with WooSox, then lost his temper.

The study does suggest that fans take their sports rivalries seriously; while 93% of Americans could date a fan of their rival team, 41% of women and 45% of men would prefer not to, and 64% of people would rather date someone who doesn't care about sports than someone who is a fan of their rival team.

Some sports fans see their significant other rooting for a different team, rival or not, as a dealbreaker. Some 31% of respondents think it's more important for their partner to be fans of the same team than to share the same religious beliefs. One in 10 people find it more important than having the same political beliefs, and 15% think it's more important than liking the same music.

This passionate spirit can get fans into trouble in their relationships, though, as one in 10 Americans reported fighting with a significant other over sports -- perhaps because 31% say they've been ignored by a partner checking a game or score on their phone.

If a woman is not a fan of a certain sports team, she may pretend to be, the survey says, with one in four women faking support for a team in order to please their partner.

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