Restaurants Remade: How the Pandemic Has Changed Food Service

"Restaurants Remade," an original series from NBC10 Boston, explores how restaurants across New England were forced to update their age-old business model and adapt to the new normal during the coronavirus crisis. Some scraped to survive, many shut down or went into "hibernation" and a few found a way to thrive.

Each episode shows how restaurant owners and workers handled the hardships of a global pandemic and the big changes they made to keep the lights on.

You can watch the full series in a number of ways:

  • Scroll down this page to watch all five episodes below.
  • Watch on your Roku device: add the NBC Boston channel to your collection, open the channel and select the "Restaurants Remade" playlist.
  • Watch on your Apple TV device: download the NBC Boston app to your collection, open the app and select the "Restaurants Remade" playlist.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed so much in our lives, and with COVID-19 cases climbing back up, it remains to be seen what future impact it will have. But restaurants remain an important part of our world, and the ways in which many have adapted since the start of 2020 show how resilient the industry is. Dig in, diners!

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