Teen Helps Blind, Deaf Man on Flight From Boston

Clara Daly, 15, jumped at the opportunity to use her American Sign Language skills to help Tim Cook, who is blind and deaf

Fifteen-year-old Clara Daly was heading to Los Angeles from Boston Logan Airport when a flight attendant asked via speaker if anyone knew American Sign Language. Eager to put her skills to the test, she kept Tim Cook company and communicated with him throughout the flight.

Daly signed into Cook’s hand so he could feel her words. The two communicated various times and for about half an hour towards the end of the flight.

"He just wanted to talk," Daly told NBC affiliate KGW.

Cook, who was heading home to Portland, was in Boston visiting his sister. Daly was originally set to board a non-stop flight from Boston to Los Angeles, but was redirected to a layover after her first flight was canceled. She said her meeting Cook was meant to be.

The teenager had been studying ASL for a year. She took interest in the language because she is dyslexic and it was easier for her to learn it.

A woman who saw Daly and Cook communicate captured the sweet exchange and posted it to her Facebook, where it received nearly 600,000 shares and more than 1 million likes.

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