Windy and Cold Weather to Dampen the Weekend

We start our Saturday on the colder side of a front came through last night with a bit of rain, and once again some of our tallest mountains are coated with a little bit of snow to start our weekend.

Today is the day to get outdoors and take it all in, as any early clouds clear out, we have plenty of sunshine today with a high temperature in the 50s, to low 60s near the south coast.

High pressure from Canada is in charge today, but it moves east tonight and tomorrow allowing for a significant storm riding up the Mississippi Valley to bring us some heavy rain later tomorrow.

Clouds will increase tonight, though the sky will stay clear in Maine where we have a hard freeze with the low in the 20s, most of us cool to the 30s and 40s with a dry and quiet night.

Fog and drizzle develops early tomorrow and southern and western New England tomorrow, we have a few hours of sunshine from northeastern Massachusetts through Maine, high temperature tomorrow in the 40s to lower 50s. Rain will become steady and locally heavy in Western New England by lunchtime moving swiftly to the east early afternoon, maybe by mid afternoon in Maine.

Wind  picks up from the southeast gusting 30 miles per hour. It’s a late day Patriots game, and by then we have downpours with embedded thunderstorms, it’s windy and cold. A real gear tester, where to keep dry and warm is going to be a challenge. Low pressure that moves into Ontario will weaken, and a new low pressure system will develop quickly near Long Island late tomorrow, enhancing rainfall from Connecticut through Rhode Island and eastern Massachusetts, including Gillette Stadium. Rainfall amounts in excess of 2 inches or possible south, lesser to the north.

Low pressure stalls just east of Cape Cod early Monday, keeping us in the damp maritime flow in eastern New England where we stay cloudy with some drizzle and fog, temperature is holding the lower 50s.

Western New England has a better chance of sunshine Monday afternoon. There is a little change on Tuesday or Wednesday either a lot of clouds in eastern New England, as it warms up a little bit each day.

We likely see another storm running the east coast later Wednesday and Halloween Thursday, that may come with another batch of heavy rain and wind, and perhaps temperatures getting back above 60 degrees for most around trick-or-treat time, but possibly a wet 60 degrees. It’s a tough call when the rain is going to end but it may not be until Friday, when colder drying wind should come in - as seen here in our First Alert 10-Day Forecast.

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