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Meet a NH Republican Behind a Series of Scathing Anti-Trump Ads

The Lincoln Project, a new political action committee created by conservatives, aims to capture voters' attention through ads aimed at President Donald Trump

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If you've been on Twitter lately, there's a good chance you've seen one of the scathing ads the Lincoln Project has launched against President Donald Trump. Some have been seen millions of times.

The people behind those staunchly anti-Trump ads? They're in his own party.

The Lincoln Project is made up of anti-Trump Republicans like co-founder Jennifer Horn, the former chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party.

"When voters come and see our ads and see our website and listen to our message, they are reminded of just how dangerous this president is," Horn said ahead of Trump's rally in New Hampshire this week, which was eventually postponed. "We are using his own words and his own actions and highlighting them for the American people."

Those ads are sent out to the political action committee's 1 million Twitter followers -- gained since December, when the group was established -- and are meant to get under the president's skin. The Lincoln Project goes after Trump's record in office, saying he's failed to respond to the coronavirus pandemic and reports that Russia paid the Taliban to kill American troops, but also his ego.

New reports say President Donald Trump was briefed months ago about intelligence that Russia offered money to Taliban-linked militants to kill U.S. soldiers.

For example, in an ad about his Tulsa rally, which brought out far fewer attendees than the Trump campaign expected, the Lincoln Project called the turnout "sad, weak, low-energy -- just like your presidency. Just like you."

The Trump campaign fired back at the Lincoln Project in a statement to NBC News this week that said "Every shred of evidence proves that Republicans enthusiastically support President Trump, so any efforts by disgruntled former Republicans are doomed to fail."

The group has no intention of stopping.

"Every minute that the president spends defending himself against something that we've said, the 25 minutes that he spends at a rally in Oklahoma proving that he really can drink a class of water, that's 25 minutes that he's not spending spewing lies to his supporters," Horn said.

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