Pete Bouchard

Pete Bouchard joined the NBC 10 Boston and necn family in January of 2016, and broadcasts weekday evenings.

He’s been a familiar face to much of Southern New England over the past 13 years as the former senior meteorologist at WHDH in Boston.

Pete studied meteorology at one of first colleges in the country to offer a concentration in broadcast meteorology - Lyndon State College in Vermont.

His television career had humble roots in the basement of a motel in White River Junction, Vermont, where WNNE-TV was housed at the time. His next stops were WMTW in Portland, Maine, WVII in Bangor, Maine, WGME in Portland, Maine, and then on to Fox 25 in Boston.

The search for a television home didn’t end there though. He returned to Portland to work at Fox 51 with his wife as anchor before moving to WHDH in Boston in 2002.

All along the way, he gained experience across all of New England’s microclimates, visited countless schools (where some of the students went onto become interns of his), civic organizations and donated time to dozens of charities.

Pete has received numerous accolades in his long career from the Associated Press, Maine Association of Broadcasters, two Emmy nominations and three Best of Boston awards.

In his spare time, he embarrasses himself on the guitar and likes making sawdust in his workshop.

The Latest

  • Massachusetts May 11

    Powerful geomagnetic storm brings northern lights as solar flare sends X-ray energy

    Friday has been a historic night for space weather. We are in the midst of a G5 geomagnetic storm (the scale only goes to G5). This is the biggest geomagnetic storm since 2003, and in some respects, may be even bigger. Compounding this is that the active region of the Sun that produced this geomagnetic storm is also producing a…

  • New England May 10

    Will the northern lights be visible in New England this weekend?

    We’re on aurora watch this weekend in New England. Several bursts of magnetic energy, commonly referred to as coronal mass ejections (CME), were launched from the Sun’s surface and are now hurtling toward Earth. Some are moving slower than others and will be overtaken in route. The culmination of energy is expected to arrive by Saturday night and distort...

  • forecast Apr 27

    Breaking down Boston's great weekend weather

    The weekend looks great – with a couple of minor strings attached. For one, the sea breeze is still around Saturday afternoon, cooling the coast and keeping us in the 50s. Second, there are a couple of showers that sweep through first thing Sunday morning. Although they’re minor – and likely not worth scrapping that tee time – they will…

  • forecast Mar 20

    Breezy and mild Wednesday, with evening rain showers

    We’ll see a mini warmup Wednesday, but it will be fleeting. Breezes make it feel chilly, and the sun will dart in and out of the clouds. Things get a little bumpy as we move through the evening and a vigorous cold front approaches. The front is supported by some strong wind and lots of lift in the upper...

  • forecast Mar 19

    First day of spring starts off cool and breezy

    We’re in a fast weather flow now. Systems will be zipping by like it’s winter — not the first day of spring. And it may feel like it by Thursday morning. We’re seeing breezes Tuesday, and cooler temperatures overall. Upper 40s should take the cake, with a small wind chill factor. Good thing the sun feels warm this time...

  • Weather Feb 13

    ‘Where's the snow?' See the data behind the forecast and why the storm's track changed

    “Weather is unpredictable.” “If you don’t like the weather in New England, wait five minutes.” “If you lived here long enough, you know not to trust the forecast.” Sure, there are some partial truths in there, but generally, the weather forecast is both trustworthy and based in solid science. In this age, that could be construed as blasphemous — or…

  • forecast Feb 8

    Warming trend starts Thursday but a storm is brewing next week

    We’re entering the warmup phase of this evolving pattern. Highs don’t soar — yet. We’re complicating things with an onshore breeze Thursday, so even though we see plenty of sun, we’ll still “settle” for the low 40s. Mid-40s are in play, however away from the coast. That massive rain and windstorm that hobbled California a couple of days ago...

  • forecast Jan 3

    Winter storm this weekend: Cold air sets the stage for Sunday snow

    While all the focus is on the weekend forecast, it’s hard not to stomp all over the peace and quiet in the coming days. Wednesday is case in point. Still plenty of sun — along with a few clouds from time to time. High temperatures get a little boost, as we aim for mid-40s in most spots. We’ll hold...

  • forecast Dec 27, 2023

    Fog Wednesday morning, staying mild with afternoon rain

    Another foggy start, so take it slow and easy on the roads Wednesday morning. In many respects, this kind of travel is more treacherous than snow. Visibility in some spots is merely a few hundred feet in this thick soup. Even better, if you can delay travel, it would be even better. Sky conditions will improve late Wednesday morning and…

  • forecast Dec 22, 2023

    Another cold start Friday but less wind, milder weekend ahead

    The weather remains quiet for the time being, but we’re starting fairly cold Friday. Our recovery won’t be all that dazzling, but most spots will make it above freezing by afternoon. Not as cold — but still chilly — Friday night as the center of high pressure moves offshore. We’ll bounce back to the 40s in the afternoon Saturday...

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