Customers Feeling Impact of Meat Shortage

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A nationwide meat shortage is being felt at grocery stores in New England.

"We just spent almost $300," said one woman coming out of the Stop & Shop in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

However, that only included minimal meat.

At Stop & Shop, only two meat items are allowed per person due to the shortage. Wegmans and Costco are also limiting the number of meat items customers can buy.

"It wasn't a very good selection of meat today," said Brian Gatti. "I was just here to get some basic items and some items for my 1-year-old daughter."

Meat processing plants are closed across the country and prices are climbing, up about 20% percent in some areas.

The CDC says about 5,000 meat and poultry workers have contracted COVID-19 at more than 100 plants across the nation.

"I'm fortunate to have venison in the freezer, but I bought a few things today," said Mark Clerici.

Stop & Shop says it has been able to manage the problem by getting meat from places that normally supply the food service industry.

President Donald Trump issued an executive order last week requiring meat plants to stay open during the pandemic.

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