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2 New England Doughnut Shops Make Yelp's Top 100

Yelp has released its top 100 doughnut shops in the U.S. -- and New Englanders are in for a treat

Assortment of doughnuts.
Marco Vitt / Getty Images

For those with a sweet tooth, doughnuts are often hard to resist, and with National Doughnut Day coming up, here are some of the top-rated spots in New England to get one.

In its list of the Top 100 US Doughnut Shops of 2022, Yelp ranked New England twice, and residents of Connecticut and Massachusetts are in luck.

At No. 51 is Brooklyn Baking in Waterbury, Connecticut, which sells doughnuts, desserts, and sandwiches. With an average of five stars and over 250 reviews, it's no surprise the bakery made Yelp's list.

One reviewer raved, "I could easily eat a whole dozen alone," of their classic glazed doughnut.

Listed at No. 94 is Ruby Donut in Ayer, Massachusetts. The shop boasts a five-star rating with 100 reviews, and its menu features an array of doughnots, bagels, and sandwiches. Popular dishes include the apple and raspberry fritters.

Ruby Donut, according to Yelp's reviews, is appropriately priced, giving customers "both variety and a bargain."

For locals as well as tourists, the shops offer unique and memorable experiences, and doughnuts that will have you coming back for more.

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