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American Record Broken at Boston 10K for Women

Weini Kelati broke an American record for a women's-only 10K

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The Boston 10K for Women was held Saturday morning at the Boston Common.

Professional and everyday runners hit the pavement in support of one another.

At 24 years old, Weini Kelati broke an American record for a women's-only 10K.

“How did it feel crossing that finish line? It was amazing, seeing the crowd when I made a turn. I was like all my friends - I have to make sure no one catches me,” said Kelati.

The Boston 10K for Women has hosted some incredible -- and inspirational -- runners over the years.

The historic race is New England's largest all-women sporting event and the second-oldest road race in the United States.

Not everyone was out on the historic course to win, however.

“I used to be bedridden and unable to walk," said Page Gallivan of Acton, Massachusetts. "So, to be able to do six miles in a race is really empowering.”

Gallivan said the race is a milestone in her weight loss journey -- and her first-ever 10K.

“I was 480 pounds about six years ago," she said. "And I just made the life-changing decision to get healthy and here I am today.”

There were hundreds of women, with hundreds of reasons why they run.

“I’m really excited because it’s one of the first races I’ve done post-pandemic, also post-cancer surgery, so I’m really excited,” said Ilene Fabisch of Foxboro, Massachusetts.

At the finish line women reassured each other. They're completers, not competers.

“Just great to see so many women out here together and running," said Katie Jacobs of Chelmsford, Massachusetts. "It’s great.”

Talented athletes from five different countries participated in Saturday's race.

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