An Inside Look Into Boston's ‘Urban Nutcracker'

Shows begin on Friday, December 16

Boston's "Urban Nutcracker" kicks off its 16th season on Friday, December 16.

The "Urban Nutcracker" is a modern take on the classic 19th century ballet.

The show incorporates some Duke Ellington jazz with the traditional Tchaikovsky music.

Tony Williams, the founder of the performance and owner of the Tony Williams Dance Center, combined ballet, urban tap, hip hop, swing, flamenco, step, and jazz into this original performance.

Williams compared his version of the classic ballet to, "a stew."

"You'll see the traditional with the contemporary, sort of like a big stew, it's sort of all put together...and I'm always experimenting with the spices," Williams said.

Boston's 'Urban Nutcracker'

All of the costumes seen in the show were designed by Dustin Rennells, who came on board back in 2015.

Rennells says for the 15th anniversary he and Williams had the opportunity to alter some of the costumes into what Williams originally envisioned.

"We kind of went in a more new we had our chance to change things," said Rennells. 

Dustin Rennells hand-made and designed all the costumes for “Urban Nutcracker.” Dustin joined the team in 2015 for the 15th anniversary of the performance. He was able to transform Tony Williams costume ideas into reality.

One of Rennells's favorite costumes is the Snow Queen's because of the 4,000 crystals that are hand sewn to the bodysuit and tutu.

"We put [the crystals] onto these mesh little pieces...and tack it right onto [the dancer]," said Rennels. 

Another favorite is the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Rennells says the character represents "the city of Boston, almost like skyscrapers."

The purple costume is complete with panels on the bodysuit and tutu that resemble windows of a skyscraper. 

"It's very Boston-centric our show, so I think it gives us more of a way to distinguish ourselves, especially through costumes," Rennells added.

The traditional role of Clara in the original "Nutcracker" is transformed into the role of Clarice in "Urban Nutcracker."

Dustin Rennells fit Kseniya Melyukhina for her Sugar Plum Fairy costume. Kseniya has been a member of the Tony Williams Dance Center for years and has danced the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy in ‘Urban Nutcracker’ numerous times. She took the previous year off following the birth of her daughter.

There are numerous girls playing the role of Clarice, most of whom dance with the Tony Williams Dance Center regularly.

The ballet will be performed at the John Hancock Hall in Boston's Back Bay.

Stella, the young ballerina who plays Clarice shows us some steps including a few from her solo dance in ‘Urban Nutcracker.’ Stella has performed in ‘Urban Nutcracker’ numerous times but this is her first time playing the role of Clarice.

Tickets can be purchased online.

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