Lawyer Says David Ortiz is Innocent, Refutes Rumors

Lawyer José Martínez Hoepelman is addressing David Ortiz's innocence and salacious rumors ahead of an expected announcement out of the Dominican Republic

David Ortiz’s lawyer is getting out in front of an upcoming announcement from Dominican Republic officials, who are expected to reveal the motive behind the June 9 shooting of the former Red Sox slugger.

José Martínez Hoepelman, Ortiz's lawyer, said he has spoken with Dominican investigators, who assured him that his client is innocent. Hoepelman said Ortiz has "no connection to illicit activities."

The lawyer also refuted what he says is "misinformation" that has been circulating about the attack. He told Telemundo Miami that the rumor that the shooting was over a woman is the "least likely" theory and has no support beyond imagination.

"I can say that David Ortiz is innocent in what happened. He has no connection to illicit activities, no relationships with people who have criminal connections, nor has he violated his family values that would bring about such an incident," Hoepelman told the Boston Globe.

Eleven suspects have been arrested in connection with the shooting, including alleged gunman Rolfi Ferreras Cruz. Officials are still searching for Alberto Miguel Rodríguez Mota, who is accused of paying for the hit on Ortiz.

Dominican authorities are expected to speak later Wednesday to reveal further details about the shooting, including a possible motive.

Meanwhile, David Ortiz’s health continues to improve at Massachusetts General Hospital. The Red Sox legend has been upgraded to "good condition" and he is in good spirits, according to his wife.

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