Mass. Store Owners ‘Still Happy' After Major Lottery Mix-Up

They will still receive $10,000 for selling a $1 million winning ticket

The Massachusetts State Lottery made a major correction Thursday morning after announcing the wrong location for the sale of the winning $758.7 million Powerball ticket.

It was initially announced that the winning ticket was sold at Handy Variety in Watertown. But it was actually sold at Pride Station & Store in Chicopee, about 80 miles away.

But the Watertown store, along with Sandy's Variety in Dorchester, did sell a $1 million wining ticket.

The family that owns the Watertown variety store said they were overjoyed by the news before the correction was made. Now, they are disappointed by the fact that their store didn’t sell the major jackpot, but are taking it in stride — they will still receive $10,000 for selling a $1 million winning ticket.

“Still happy, but what can we do,” said Marjeet Paaur Khan, a store owner.

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