Flooding Rain Moves On

The fire hose was on full blast today. In what could only be described as biblical, flooding rain inundated parts of Massachusetts as weak air boundaries set off thunderstorms.

Those boundaries were composed of old sea breezes, new sea breezes, and outflow from other storms. With so much humidity in the air, you could have sneezed and set off a storm. So with a little nudge, the skies opened up.

Streets literally turned to streams as 1 to 2 inches of rain fell in a matter of minutes. Indeed, rainfall rates in the storms were up to 3 to 5 inches per hour. Moreover, the upper level winds were very light, so these storms barely budged.

Thankfully, that all winds down overnight. In the wake of the flash floods, the cooler air will move in and a more general rain will cover a good part of Southern and Central New England tomorrow.

What's remarkable is how the shift in wind direction (to the northeast) will stem the tide of humidity and draw down near record-setting temperatures on Friday.

Boston's record cold high temperature (confusing, yes) is a mere 66 on Friday. I'm forecasting a teeth-chattering (for July at least) 65. East winds and occasional mist/showers/drizzle should get the job done.

Fret not, summer isn't over. Saturday sees a return of the sun - give it at least until midday - and a turn in the wind. We should at least make the low 70s.

Beach weather is back all next week as the heat builds on the southwest wind. Thunder is more elusive as well. It should give us a chance to wring out after these crazy downpours.

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