New Hampshire

‘Hope He's OK': Private Plane Carrying NH Man Goes Missing

Neighbors of Lee, New Hampshire, resident Nathan Ulrich say they are stunned by the news he was on board a plane that has gone missing in the Caribbean.

"I hope that he's OK," said neighbor Nathaniel Meyer.

Ulrich was on board a private plane with Jennifer Blumin and her 4-year-old and 3-year-old sons. Blumin is a well-known event space designer in New York City.

Neighbors say Ulrich is a researcher who also owned a scooter manufacturing business.

"Nate was easy to get along with," said neighbor David Stafford. "He was real friendly."

Ulrich, Blumin and her boys flew from Puerto Rico Monday Morning for Titusville, Florida. According to the Coast Guard, the plane disappeared from radar and Miami Air Control lost contact with the plane near the Bahamas on Monday afternoon.

The Coast Guard recovered debris from the search area near the island of Eleuthera on Tuesday afternoon. But they could not confirm it was from the missing plane.

"I hope they got out," Meyer said. "I hope the debris field is minor and it's just floatation devices and that they made it out OK."

The missing plane in is a twin engine MU-2B, investigators say it belonged to Blumin.

Ulrich is a licensed pilot, who also served as a Coast Guard Auxiliary pilot at air station Cape Cod.

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