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Jet Stream to Carry Warmth to New England for Weekend

Several days of dry weather are ahead for New England, and while that won’t change from day to day, with no organized storms west of us today until you reach the Pacific Northwest, there will actually be a lot of change going on in the atmosphere.

The storm entering the northwestern corner of the United States will reshape the jet stream — the fast-moving river of air, high in the sky, that steers storm systems and separates cold air to the north from warmth to the south — and the new jet stream configuration will favor carrying warmth into New England for the weekend.

So, after today and tomorrow with highs in the 30s and a bright sky, Saturday brings high temperatures in the 50s south and 40s north. This time of year, cold air is very good at battling back and we expect that battle to result in some northern Maine snow Saturday and a slight southward push of cold air Sunday that probably won’t make it into the southern half of New England, but will cool temperatures in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

If all goes as planned, the Patriots will play in fair weather and temperatures in the upper 40s Sunday afternoon before cooler air arrives Monday with a mix of rain and snow showers arriving later Monday and transitioning to plain raindrops Tuesday with another brief burst of milder air.

The remainder of the exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast keeps seasonable temperatures through the middle and end of the week ahead of another chance of rain or snow next weekend.

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