MBTA Speed Restrictions Continue Amid Partial Weekend Shutdowns on Green, Orange Lines

Speed restrictions were put into place Thursday night on the Red, Orange, Blue and Green Lines

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The MBTA Green Line and the Mattapan trolley are still under speed restrictions amid scheduled shutdowns this weekend on parts of the Green and Orange Lines.

Restrictions on the Red, Orange and Blue Lines were lifted after the MBTA capped speeds from 10 to 25 miles per hour across the entire system on Thursday Night. While the restrictions were lifted for the entirety of the other lines, certain areas that haven't been inspected or where conditions require slower trains will still have restrictions. It’s not clear when those will be lifted.

Meanwhile, parts of the Orange and Green Lines are shutdown this weekend for scheduled demolition work at the Government Center Garage.

Riders can take the Green Line between Government Center and Copley, and shuttle buses between Copley and Ruggles. Shuttle buses are also replacing service between North Station and Government Center.

The systemwide speed restrictions came after the Department of Public Utilities found several issues on the Red Line that needed immediate attention, including track defects. Inspectors found missing or inconsistent documentation around which repairs were made.

It’s not clear at this point when those will be lifted.

Overall, riders say they’re tired of the all the problems on the T.

“It definitely is an inconvenience to a lot of people’s time. We have to pay for the train all the time. It is expensive and stuff so you don’t know how everybody can adjust to it," Brianna Gomes told NBC10 Boston.

“It’s a problem because when you want to go to the hospital or go to work and you have to take a shuttle, it takes time to get to the place. And then you’re late where you work, or you’re late to where you’re going and it’s really hard," T rider Natou Sissoko said.

"Half of the reason why I live in Boston is because I can get around without a car. Now I can't really, so it makes it really frustrating," said another regular user of the T.

Most riders just want a system they can rely on.

"[I] just want to get around, with some semblance of speed and predictability... I don't know how long my commute to work is going to be on Monday. I just get on the train and hope and see what happens," said a rider.

It’s not clear at this point when those will be lifted.
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