Much of Mass., NH Preparing for Heavy Snow

While some plows are still poised to push snow, you may want to heed one hardware store's advice.

Come Wednesday, parts of central Massachusetts could be buried in snow. Businesses like Grafton Square True Value in Worcester are preparing for one last rush on salt, shovels and scrapers.

"We haven't put our winter stuff away yet, even though every other store has, because we've learned our lesson – year after year, we get a blizzard in March, so we just leave our winter stuff out until winter's actually over," said Eric Spencer, manager of Grafton Square True Value Hardware.

Public works departments like the one in Fitchburg are getting ready for a long couple of days of sanding, salting and plowing.

"Right now, we're just making sure all the trucks and all the sanders are ready to go," said Fitchburg Department of Public Works Superintendent Gary Withington. "As far as we know, it's going to be about 10-20 inches. we'll see what happens when it comes."

Complicating clean-up could be that many people haven't had a chance to pick up from the last storm.

"I have a huge tree still in my backyard, so now it's going to be covered with 12 inches of snow," said Kristina Rosa of Worcester. "Not looking forward to it."

So as many of us begrudgingly buy bags of ice melt and snow shovels, instead of garden seeds and soil, those late winter blues are beginning to take hold.

"I hate it," said Charlene Gaudette of Fitchburg. "I hate snow, period. I always have."

"I'm over it," added Lydia Rivera of Fitchburg. "I'm ready for the summer to come on in and actually get to the beach."

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