New Hampshire

Authorities Warn of ‘One Pot Meth Labs' in New Hampshire

The plastic bottles, which are highly explosive, are showing up in remote areas and by the sides of roads

Authorities in New Hampshire are warning residents to look out for stray bottles on the ground that may look like trash but are actually used to make methamphetamine.

The plastic bottles, which are highly explosive, have been dubbed "one pot" meth labs by the Drug Enforcement Agency.

DEA Special Agent in Charge Jon DeLena said Monday at a popular walking trail in Salem that people making meth usually do so in remote areas.

"We still have people that think it's safe and smart to cook meth on their own," said DeLena. "What's left behind is still highly explosive and highly flammable even after an extended period of time."

DeLena said one pot discoveries pick up once the snow melts and people start getting outside.

"We've been actively out responding over the last couple weeks," he said.

One bottle was found in Lancaster over the weekend, and DeLena is afraid it is just the beginning.

"I think what we are starting to see now is more meth than ever hitting this region and people need to be aware of that," said DeLena.

Authorities said people also cook meth in their cars and then throw the bottles out the window. If you see anything suspicious on the ground authorities say don't touch it and call police right away.

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