Snow, Rain Expected to Make Roads Slick Across New England

Worcester is only at about 8.1 inches of snow so far this season, more than 19 inches below normal

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If you like the snow, it's been a disappointing winter so far. It's been a rarity in some parts of New England this season.

With accumulating snow possible tomorrow, opinions are mixed.

In Littleton, plow drivers were getting their equipment ready to finally make some green after a mostly snow-less winter.

“It’s hurting financially a little bit, ya, I’d like to upgrade some of my trucks, but obviously when it doesn’t snow it’s hard to upgrade things," Zach Goss, a plow driver, told NBC10 Boston. "It's very hard to stay above water if it doesn't snow, but you can't always rely on the snow, either."

In Nashua, New Hampshire, heavy rain turned to snow Thursday night.

"The winter has been both wonderful and frightening," said Genevieve Fraser.

"I love outdoor sports and have not been able to appreciate any of it this year," said Ruth Truesdell. "Looking forward to a real winter at some point this year."

It's been a confusing winter with the milder temperatures, and plenty of rain rather than snow.

"I figured by now I could take the snowmobile out and take it for a ride, but not gonna happen," said Kevin Shaw. "More wet than anything."

The Worcester area is 19 inches below average for this time of year, so plow drivers are eager to do some catching up.

According to the NBC10 Boston First Alert Meteorologists, the Worcester area is only at about 8.1 inches of snow so far this season, more than 19 inches below normal. The area could see about 3 to 6 inches starting overnight into late Friday.

“That’s going to be great, because I'm going to be turning 15 and there’s going to be snow," one teen said.

"I'd actually like a little bit of snow so we could do some tubing with the kids," said Mike Leduc.

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