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Scientists Fear 5G Will Hurt Weather Forecasts

There’s growing concern that stronger cell signals, associated with expanding 5G networks, will impact the quality of weather forecasts.

Next week, scientists from around the world will gather in Egypt to discuss the issue.

The issue is the frequency used by 5G networks. It’s located right next to a key frequency used by weather satellites to measure things like water vapor.

The overlap from 5G networks, into weather frequencies, can block the view of that key data used by computer models to predict the weather.

The World Meteorological Organization says this can impact both short term forecasts three to four days out, as well as longer term data associated with climate change research.

Here in the United States both NOAA, and the Navy, share similar concerns.

Scientists make it clear that they are not against 5G networks. They just want more protections for this key weather frequency.

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