NBC Boston Responds: Solving a Bad Connection

Jennifer Kelly is always on the go and was recently in the market for a smaller, more user-friendly laptop.

“The one I have is seven pounds and I was trying to get a lighter weight one to travel with because I travel quite a bit,” Kelly said.

Kelly settled on a Dell Inspiron 14 3000 model. She’s been a Dell computer user for 20 years and says she never had any problems – until now.

“I opened it and charged it and it seemed to work, and then the next time I went on it, it didn’t open, and so I kept charging it, and it opened again, and it didn’t stay on, and I tried it again and it wouldn’t charge,” said Kelly.

Kelly says she sent it back, waited for a replacement, and when it arrived, the same exact thing happened.

“I thought it’s 30 days, I’ll just return it, and then with this one I’m not going to order this one again,” said Kelly.“Then when I called them to get the slip to send it right back they said: ‘since you ordered a replacement, the 30 days was for the first one.’ I sent the first one back 20 something days into it.”

Kelly says she spent a lot of time on the phone with customer service, being passed around from person to person, but couldn’t get her money back.

"I was watching the news the next morning and your offer came up for the consumer support and I was like: ‘I need Wonder Woman at this point.’”

NBC Boston Responds reached out to Dell to see what the problem was and they issued Kelly a full refund of $179.

In a statement, the company tells us: “Dell is committed to providing high-quality service and support to our customers. We are pleased that we are able to help Ms. Kelly resolve the issue with her Dell system and purchase.”

Kelly has since decided to hold on to her old computer and she’s pleased with the outcome.

“What you kind of expect from customer support is just someone having your back and with your team, I just had that all the way,” said Kelly.

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