Sunshine to Make a Return

Our warm-up will start tomorrow as the sunshine makes a return and temperatures approach 80 degrees. Coastal locations will be a bit cooler, there is a sea breeze concern Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday, high temperatures will reach the middle 80s (perhaps a 90 degrees in the mix in the Merrimack Valley). Thursday, widespread 90s will be a good bet. It will be difficult to find relief to the heat, even coastal areas will be hot.

Temperatures do pull back into the 70s by the weekend and at this point it both days look pretty night (but this part of the forecast is not high confidence yet).

Mount Washington, at an elevation of 6,289 feet, is (probably) the only place in New England that has recorded snow every month of the year! 1.1 inch fell in July 1957. The month of May can be very snowy. On average the summit receives 12.2 inches of snow during the month. Our late season May Nor’easter broke records at the summit. They recorded snow for 38 consecutive hours and their three day total was 33.3 inches. (1997 was the snowiest May with a whopping 95.8 inches of accumulation!) This storm broke the 24 hour May snowfall record. The summit recorded 22.8 inches in 24 hours, the OLD record was 22.2 inches.

There is another record, which could break later this week and it has nothing to do with snow and cold. As the northeast warms up, so will the summit. The record high temperature for May 18 is 62 degrees, which was set back in 1986. We’re forecast high temperatures in the low 60s, so another record could fall. The all-time record high during the month of May is 66 degrees in 1977. Stay tuned!

Other records are in jeopardy for this Thursday. Boston, the record for the day is 91 degrees (set back in 1936), the forecast is 94 degrees. Worcester could come within a degree of its record high temperature of 90 degrees set in 1906. Concord, New Hampshire also has a 1906 record of 90 degrees - the forecast high is 96 degrees!

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