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Marty Walsh Is Sworn in as Secretary of Labor After Saying Goodbye to Boston

The former Boston mayor left his home in Dorchester on Tuesday morning with a suitcase in hand and by evening was in the White House complex

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Marty Walsh was sworn in as the U.S. secretary of Labor Tuesday evening, hours after flying to Washington from Boston.

Walsh stepped down as Boston's mayor on Monday night after the U.S. Senate confirmed his nomination on a bipartisan basis.

Walsh was sworn in by Vice President Kamala Harris, with Walsh's partner Lorrie Higgins and chief of staff Dan Koh among a small group of guests at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, according to the White House.

"Congratulations, Mr. Secretary," Harris said after the ceremony, before bumping forearms with Walsh in a coronavirus-appropriate form of greeting.

In a statement released by the Department of Labor Monday night, Walsh said he was "incredibly honored and privileged" to be the country's 29th secretary of Labor.

"I have been a fighter for the rights of working people throughout my career, and I remain committed to ensuring that everyone – especially those in our most marginalized communities – receives and benefits from full access to economic opportunity and fair treatment in the workplace," he said.

Marty Walsh resigned as Boston's mayor Monday after being confirmed as the new U.S. labor secretary under President Joe Biden.

Walsh officially resigned as mayor at 9 p.m., when City Council President Kim Janey became acting mayor. He had held the position since 2013.

Celebrating his confirmation at historic Faneuil Hall with his final news conference as mayor Monday night, Walsh said, "Boston, Massachusetts, is the greatest city in the world, with the greatest people in the world living in our city."

Asked about his future in politics, Walsh said he was focused on the job ahead of him.

"I just want to do the best job I can do for the American people. There's lots of work to do in Washington, D.C." Walsh said, with workplace safety and workforce development on his to-do list.

You can read Walsh's full resignation letter below:

Former Boston Mayor Marty Walsh flew to Washington, D.C., on Tuesday morning after an emotional goodbye to the city, while Acting Mayor Kim Janey began her first day in the role.

Walsh was seen leaving his home in Dorchester on Tuesday morning, carrying a suitcase.

He also fired off a series of tweets, saying one last goodbye to the city.

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