Wedding Band Found in Parking Lot of New Hampshire Store

Ring was found outside the Auto Zone in Plaistow on Valentine's Day

Editor's Note: Police say the ring has been returned to the rightful owner, who will not be named.

Police in Plaistow, New Hampshire, are looking for the owner of a lost wedding band.

The ring was discovered the night before Valentine’s Day, a day that appears to have special significance to the man who lost it.

“I looked down because wind was in my face and I saw the ring,” said Veronica Guzman of Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Guzman had just picked up a Valentine’s gift at Auto Zone for her husband when she found the ring in the Plaistow parking lot. She says she felt sorry someone lost it just hours before couples around the world celebrated love.

“It’s a symbol of your union, so losing it is like losing a piece of you,” Guzman said.

When Guzman looked inside the ring for initials, she couldn’t believe what she found.

“I was like, ‘Oh, somebody must be feeling really bad right now,’ because their anniversary is tomorrow,” Guzman said.

And it wasn’t just any anniversary.

“The inscription on it is Feb. 14, 1987,” explained Plaistow Police Capt. Brett Morgan.

This Valentine’s Day marked 30 years of marriage for the man who once wore it.

“It is just ironic timing, yes, kind of poetic,” he said.

The ring is now in the hands of Plaistow police, who, like many, hope this 30 year love story is still being written and that the lost ring chapter will soon come to a close.

“It’s a part of their life and if it were mine, I’d be missing it,” Morgan said.

“I hope they find the owner,” said Guzman.

There are a few other things engraved on the band. Police say the owner will have to identify those initials to get it back.

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