3-Day Stretch of Warmer Weather Begins Wednesday

Today’s forecast bodes well for the ALCS Game 5 at Fenway Park tonight

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Temps are on the mend today. In fact, they get downright warm by afternoon.

A mountain of mild air has been building across the Plains and Midwest for a few days. It surged north into the Great Lakes and Ontario yesterday, and now is expanding east through New England today. (Not a huge surprise in this very mild fall.)

It promises to stick around for a few days, and push our highs close to 80 tomorrow! A sharp cold front is following in its wake, and then once again our numbers will crash this weekend.

Today’s forecast bodes well for the Red Sox game at Fenway tonight (5 p.m. timing helps too.) After jumping into the low 70s, we should be able to hold onto 60s for the evening with a mostly moonlit sky.

The full Hunter’s Moon will rise at 6:11 and illuminate the semi balmy night. With overnight lows only dipping into the 50s, we’re well positioned for a very warm Thursday forecast.

A toasty airmass, limited clouds – predominately in first half of the day – and warm air aloft will combine to push us well into the 70s by mid/late afternoon tomorrow.

While Friday won’t be as warm, the overnight low temperatures could be record warm. The number to beat in Boston is 61, and we’ll be mighty close. If any showers form, they favor the overnight hours of Thursday and perhaps early Friday.

Chilly air shuffles in just in time for the weekend. The weak weather system that seemed like it may wet us down Saturday morning now looks like it will be way out of reach off Nantucket. This allows Saturday to start and finish on the cool side, with even chillier days slated for the Sunday through Tuesday time frame.

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