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Cool Columbus Day Ahead With Rain in the Forecast for Southern New England

The remnants of Hurricane Delta bring rain to southern New England Monday.

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A new day, new wind direction. The front that caused the damaging storms of Saturday was way out to sea, and a high-pressure system from Canada supplied us with a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Wind is diminishing, with temperatures in the 50s north and 60s south. A clear sky Sunday evening will be followed by increasing clouds in southern New England.

It’s a cold night with a low in the 20s and 30s north, 30s and 40s south. The remnants of Hurricane Delta brings rain to southern New England tomorrow.

It’s going to be a cool Columbus Day Monday with temperatures only in the 50s in the rain in Southern New England. We are brighter though in northern New England with a temperature near 60 degrees and likely staying dry.

The remnant of Delta slows down south of us, at the same time a new front from the Midwest pushes in during Tuesday. That means more widespread rain. By the time it’s all done late Tuesday, parts of New England have 1-2 inches of rain, helping the deficit a little bit this week.

We’re still chilly on Tuesday with the wind coming in from the north east, but a wind shift to the west and southwest on Wednesday and Thursday should push the temperature back to near 70 degrees, if not higher.

Another powerful front is coming in late Thursday and Friday, likely another round of thunderstorms and windy weather at the end of the week. We may even change to snow in the mountains before ending early next weekend as seen in our First Alert 10-day forecast.

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