Warmer Temps Before Weekend Cold Front

Highs will hit the 70s Monday and maybe even the 80s by mid-week before a deep, unseasonably cold air-mass plunges in for the weekend

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A cool front passed through overnight. Ironically, there’s a disconnect in today’s weather. Highs make the 70s again as the cool air is a little delayed until tomorrow across much of New England.

These days, high temps are more a consequence of how mild the overnight temps are. Temps last night only dipped into the 60s, so that allows the sun to go to work and nudge us up to the 70s. Seems simple enough, right? Eventually, as winter nears, even the mild overnights can be muted because the sun won’t contribute much to daytime warming.

As far as the drought is concerned, we’ll get no help from the pattern this week. After a marked warm-up later this week – that may introduce us to the magical 80 degree mark – we’ll see another, mostly dry, cool front pass through on Thursday night and Friday.

After that, a deep, unseasonably cold air-mass will plunge in for the weekend. It should produce the first widespread frost of the season in many parts of northern – and even isolated spots in southern – New England.

Greater New Orleans and southern Mississippi are bracing for the impact from Sally. Meanwhile, Bermuda looks to be hit by Hurricane Paulette. Both storms will steer clear of New England – even as remnants – later this week.

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