Alyson Hannigan Reveals Her Real-Life House Was Featured in ‘This Is Us'

Hannigan said that her home had also been rented out as a filming location in the past

Alyson Hannigan
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Alyson Hannigan revealed that her house was used as a filming location for "This Is Us" and she isn't mad about it.

The actor and mom of two told SiriusXM’s Michelle Collins that although she never thought she'd rent her home out for a show, she made an exception for the Emmy-winning drama.

The "American Pie" star was on "The Michelle Collins Show" to promote The Food Network's "Outrageous Pumpkins" which she'll be hosting and explained how her home ended up in the show.

"The people we bought our house from, I don’t know if they ever even lived here. I think they just rented it out for film shoots," said Hannigan.

"I think my house’s résumé is probably longer than mine," the actor joked. "When we moved in, we were like, ‘Well, we will never do that. We know what productions do to locations and all that.’"

Hannigan said that because the house is known as a shooting location, she gets requests "about twice a month" to rent it out. She finally reconsidered her policy when the "This Is Us" crew came calling.

"It turned out, our neighbor was the director. And we were like, well, if we were ever going to do it, we would do it for that show 'cause it’s so good and ... long-running shows, like, the crews are very respectful."

She said that not only did her family get a staycation while their house was being used for filming but that she was pleasantly surprised to learn that the cast and crew left the place in better condition than they'd found it.

"Not only did they give us our house back in wonderful shape, they fixed things that I had damaged," Hannigan told Collins. "So they were like touching up some paint or whatever, and there's clearly like one of my kids’ handprints on a wall and they’re like, ‘Would you like us to do that as well?’ and I’m like, ‘I know that wasn’t from you but yeah, thank you.’ So they fixed damage that I had done."

Hannigan said that they even polished up some woodwork she had damaged while taping up Halloween decorations around a door.

"They fixed that too!" she said. "I was like, ‘You guys!’"

Last month, fans of "This Is Us" got a bittersweet peek behind the scenes of season six when show creator Dan Fogelman shared a picture from the set.

“Last first day. Feeling feelings,” he captioned the photo of Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia, who play Rebecca and Jack.

Earlier this year, NBC announced that the show's sixth season would be its final one.


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