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‘Hot Ones' host Sean Evans stunned after Heidi Klum takes shirt off to cool down from spicy wings

“That one is the kicker,” Klum said after she tried a hot sauce called Da’ Bomb

Heidi Klum tried to remain cool, calm and collected while eating spicy wings on "Hot Ones," but she soon fell victim to a hot sauce called Da' Bomb.

At the beginning of the episode, Klum told host Sean Evans that she is not a fan of spicy food.



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“Having four kids, even if I would put pepper on the food, they would go, ‘Oh, mom, that’s a little hot,’” she said. “So, I’ve been always cooking and people who have been cooking also for my family, it’s always been super mild for the kids, so I feel like, this is going to be very hard for me today.”

Even though Klum had a strategy of not letting let the wings touch her lips, she couldn't prevent a hot sauce called Da' Bomb, which had a Scoville rating of 135,600, from getting to her.

Once Klum and Evans bit into their wings, Klum had to take a few sips of buttermilk to calm her taste buds, saying, "I'm getting hot." She then proceeded to unbutton her denim top and fan herself with it to cool herself down.

"Now, I'm getting hot, too, Heidi," Evans joked while fanning himself with his hands.

However, that didn't seem to help because moments later, Klum took more sips of buttermilk and took off her top completely.

"That one is the kicker," she said, referencing the hot sauce.

"I feel slightly better," she eventually said after wiping her nose and fanning her underarms.

While Klum struggled tasting Da' Bomb hot sauce, she had a much better time eating a chicken wing that was coated in Peppers Up! hot sauce, which boasts a Scoville level of 700,000.

"This is almost doable again," she said while taking a bite. "Are you sure about this one?"

"Yup," Evans replied. "Wow, amazing Heidi. Impressive."

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