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Woman Seeks Refund After Flooring Company Fails to Show Up

“They always said they’d call me back, but they never did”

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Kim Roach was working on a tight schedule last fall when she hired National Floors Direct to replace the carpeting in her Cape rental home with vinyl flooring.

“We had people moving in on November 15. We were having them come to the house on November 11 to do the work,” Roach says. “They said that it was a two-day job, so that gave us enough time to get the furniture back in place before the renters moved in that Saturday.”

She says National Floors Direct called to confirm the job a few days before, but when installation day arrived, they never showed up.

“My husband was waiting, and a few hours go by and, at 10 o’clock, he sent a text to ask when were they coming, and the person said I can’t believe they aren’t there yet,” Roach explains. “Customer service didn’t know what was going on. After a while, they said that the order for the product was never placed, because the bid that they gave us was too low, and that kind of baffled me.”

Unable to reschedule because of the tenants moving in, Kim asked for a refund of her $2,000 dollar down payment.

“That’s when they told me that returns needed to have an approval, and returns needed to be submitted to another department,” she says.

Roach says she called the company weekly for status reports in November and December, but couldn’t get her refund.

“Everything was always, 'I have to resubmit, or it was denied, or it’s still pending,'” says Roach. “They always said they’d call me back, but they never did.”

Roach says that, after a month and a half, she saw a commercial for NBC10 Boston Responds and thought she would give it a shot.

We contacted National Floors Direct about her complaint. They told us:

Our records indicate that a refund check was issued to the customer on November 23, 2019, which National Floors Direct reached out to the customer to confirm by telephone. We have confirmed with our financial institution that the check which was issued to the customer on November 23rd, check number 11273, has yet to clear the account. We placed a stop payment on check number 11273 and reissued the customer a new check on January 3, 2020. We trust that this response more than adequately explains the company's position, addresses your concerns, and closes this matter.

Roach says that was the first she ever heard about a check being sent, but is very happy to have her $2,000 back, and that NBC10 Boston Responds was able to help.

“Honestly, I told a lot of other people that if they are getting into a situation that they can’t find their way through they might want to consider it,” she told us. “It was a great solution for me, so I was really happy.”

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