Runaway NYC Cow Will Live on Animal Sanctuary

The runaway cow that escaped a Jamaica, Queens slaughterhouse Thursday afternoon will live to see another day.

Animal-lover Mike Stura, 49, brought the bovine to his New Jersey animal sanctuary after he saw footage of the cow running wild on the streets of Jamaica.

"He's doing very good," Stura said. "We stopped off at the vet," who did find a broken blood vessel in the cow's eye. 

The cow, named Freddie after Queen front man Freddie Mercury, was turned over to Stura by slaughterhouse employees for free, according to DNAinfo, which first reported the story.

“We didn’t want any money,” Tahmena Shafqat, a slaughterhouse employee told the website and confirmed to NBC New York.

Stura told DNAinfo he drove from New Jersey to the slaughterhouse Thursday night after seeing the cow on the news. By the time he got to the Queens location, the owners had already left. But, determined to save the cow, Stura stayed overnight and convinced the workers to turn over Freddie Friday morning.

“I’ll give him a home and he’ll live a happy life,” Stura told the site.

He said he has over a dozen other cows at his sanctuary, "all rescues from one horrific thing or another." He told NBC New York that cows definitely bond, and to check back in a year to see if Freddie made any fast bovine friends.

As for right now, the cow does appear a bit nervous, Stura said. "But that's definitely normal. He might have been nervous just from the drive here."

NBC's Asher Klein contributed to this report.

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