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Rise & Grind: Why The Hustle Culture May Not Be As Productive As You Think

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'Rise and Grind.' 'No Days Off.' 'The Hustle Never Stops.' How many times have you heard these sayings? Probably too many.

In today’s world we glorify hustle culture. We celebrate busyness, long hours, and 'the grind' while often sacrificing self-care, mental and sometimes even physical health. Digital anthropologist Rahaf Harfoush knows the culture and consequences of burnout all too well.

Harfoush is the author of “Hustle and Float: Reclaim Your Creativity and Thrive in a World Obsessed with Work.”

She unpacks living in a society that “idolizes creativity but worships productivity” and our constant desire for more.

In the latest episode of Mom2Mom, Harfoush joins Maria to break down where this culture came from, how it impacts the people around us and what we can do to protect our creativity and productivity.

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