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Fans Question Why Patriots Played So Soon After Cam Newton's Positive COVID Test

The New England Patriots traveled to Kansas City to face the Chiefs despite their quarterback having tested positive for COVID-19

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Patriots fans are hoping no more positive coronavirus tests for the team after quarterback Cam Newton tested positive for COVID-19.

Some of those fans are questioning if Monday night's game, postponed from Sunday, was too soon.

"I think it's rushed, personally," said one fan.

The team went to Kansas City Monday morning on two separate planes ahead of a 26-10 loss to the Chiefs.

One plane carried people who have been in close contact with Newton.

"It just feels to me the risk is probably too great," said Phil Perry of NBC Sports Boston. "There is no doubt there is concern from not only players, but I would say all corners of the organization."

No one else with the Patriots has tested positive for COVID.

The team was tested again Monday morning, and all those results came back negative.

"What we saw in Tennessee, with the Tennessee Titans, was they had people test late in the week before the road game, they got on a plane on a Saturday, played a football game on Sunday, came back, and almost for a full week, they had people test positive every single day," Perry said.

Monday, the NFL also sent out a league memo saying protocol violations could lead to teams being disciplined, including loss of draft picks or forfeiture of games.

The NFL players are not playing in a bubble like other pro teams.

"They're interacting with their kids, their spouses, their parents in some cases, and those people are going out and interacting with the rest of their towns," Perry said.

Newton's status for next Sunday's game against the Denver Broncos is still up in the air right now.

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