2 Arrested After Officers Find Cocaine, Heroin and Pain Meds

Two people have been arrested after authorities found drugs, cash and drug manufacturing equipment in a hotel room in Wilbraham, Massachusetts.

According to police, John M. Morrison and Amanda Watson have been arrested and charged with trafficking Oxycodone, crack cocaine and concaine and possessing with intent to distribute class A, B and E drugs.

The arrests come after a police officer was performing a security check of the Wilbraham Inn on Jan. 18 at about 2:30 a.m. and located a vehicle reported stolen from Holyoke.

Officers then began to check the area and speak with the Inn's management in an attempt to locate the operator of the stolen vehicle, police said.

During the check and investigation, officers gained access to a room at the Inn based on information from a witness.

Officers say they found a large amount of illegal drugs, cash and drug manufacturing equipment including grinders, scales, cutting agents and pill presses in plain view.

Officers then secured the room and obtained a search warrant. They executed the warrant and seized Oxycodone, crack cocaine, heroine, Suboxone, marijuana, over 3,000 manufactured pills and various over the counter pain medications and prescription Narcotics.

It is unclear whether Morrison and Watson have attorneys.

Authorities say anyone with questions can contact Sgt. Shawn Baldwin at 413-596-3837.

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