2 Dozen Animals Seized from Squalid Conditions in Middleboro, Massachusetts

The majority of the animals were dogs, but authorities also seized a peacock, a donkey, ducks and a chicken

Twenty-four animals were seized from a shelter in Middleboro, Massachusetts, due to inhumane and unsanitary conditions.

The animals in need of a new home include 18 Cane Corsos and Dogo Argentino dog breeds, a donkey, a chicken, some ducks and a peacock with missing feathers.

"On Sept. 24, we executed a search warrant at the home in Middleboro," said Paul Parlon, an officer with the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

Parlon said his agency and Middleboro Animal Control seized the animals from Peretti Cane Corso, located at a home on Marion Road, after officials received complaints about the animals back in June.

He said the animals were being kept in filthy, unsanitary conditions.

"Hours of urine and feces," Parlon said of the response to the shelter. "The smell of ammonia was just so overwhelming that everybody had to walk out to keep their eyes from burning up."

The owner of Peretti Cane Corso said be built a new facility a year and a half ago. He said there was a maintenance issue, but he insists the animals were cared for well and he and gave up the animals voluntarily.

On its website, the company said its goal is to breed for excellence.

Middleboro Animal Control said the kennel owner has been operating with a license since 2012. However, officials say if it wasn't for concerned citizens, the dogs and other animals would still be suffering.

"We're getting more information so you know we can make sure we can protect these animals," said Kelley Jarabek of Middleboro Animal Control.

All of the animals seized from the Middleboro property are being kept at the Animal Rescue League's various locations, including in Dedham, which they say offer them a much safer environment than their previous home.

"When you have that many dogs in one place, it's going to be overwhelming," Parlon said.

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