2 Teens Charged After TikTok Challenge That Caused Damage to High School

A viral TikTok challenge in which people touch metal to exposed prongs partially plugged into outlets is causing fire officials to speak out.

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Two teenagers are facing charges after short-circuiting electrical outlets at their Massachusetts high school as part of a social media challenge.

The "outlet challenge" involves partially inserting a plug into an outlet, then sliding a penny down the wall onto the exposed prongs.

At Plymouth North High School, two 15-year-old boys caused minor damage to the building Tuesday by using a penny and a cellphone charger. The boys' teacher told investigators they did it twice in a matter of minutes, scorching two electrical outlets.

The teens, who were not identified, are being charged with two counts of attempted arson and two counts of malicious damage to property under $1,200, police said Thursday.

"This behavior is very dangerous and has the potential to cause serious damage to property as well as serious injury to students, staff or visitors," the Plymouth Police Department said in a statement.

The social media challenge is prompting fire officials across Massachusetts to speak out. The state fire marshal's office said there has been an incident in Holden that led to damage to an outlet. At Westford Academy, the challenge also led to a fire.

Thursday, the superintendent of schools in West Bridgewater said vandalism had been discovered that damaged several outlets. School officials were working with police and fire officials to investigate.

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