Thunderstorms, Heavy Bands of Rain Expected Overnight

Wind from the south brings warmer and more humid weather to New England, and eventually heavy rain.

An ongoing severe weather event over the south is sending waves of energy northward. Thankfully the storms are dissipating a little, and we are not expecting a severe storm outbreak.

As a matter fact, Friday doesn’t look too bad. A lot of fog and drizzle around Friday morning will turn into sunny breaks away from the ocean in the afternoon, with temperatures in the 60s and low 70s. Wind from the south is gusting past 35 mph, so any south facing shorelines are cooler.

Also, with the full moon, we have astronomical high tides. We may have some minor coastal flooding and coastal erosion along south facing shores. The highest tides with this full moon are in the middle of the night.

Heavier rain will come in Friday night with a chance of a few thunderstorms. Temperatures will hold in the 50s. Rain will continue heavy at times Saturday, but it will be bands of rain, so not everyone getting the heaviest rain.

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It’s hard to predict who will get the heavy bands, but some locations could see more than 3 inches of rain. Right now it appears from the northeast kingdom of Vermont, to northern Maine is the most vulnerable to moderate to major flooding.

Low pressure to our west is stalling out Saturday night, it will also run out of energy, so rain should diminish to sprinkles by Easter morning. And we have some hope the sun will come out in the afternoon on Sunday, with a high temperature getting into the lower 70s, making for a nice afternoon with less wind.

Next week looks a little bit nicer, but there is the threat for spring showers every other day or so. We get plenty of May flowers this year. Stay ahead of it with our First Alert 10-Day Forecast.

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