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5-Year-Old Blind Boy Left in Van, Bus Driver Issued Citation

The boy was reportedly in the van alone for around 40 minutes

Police in Somerset, Massachusetts have issued a bus driver a civil citation after she allegedly left a 5-year-old boy in a transport van.

Authorities announced Wednesday that the boy's mother reported that the driver of her son's transport van had left him in the van instead of dropping him off at his destination around 4:45 p.m. Monday. WJAR reports that the boy is legally blind.

Upon investigation, police say they found that the boy was picked up from his preschool by a Fisher Bus Company employee, reportedly a 60-year-old Fall River woman, and was supposed to be dropped off at his daycare. When the boy did not arrive, the daycare notified his mother and asked where he was.

According to officials, Fisher Bus Company was alerted and a manager went out to the van and found the boy inside unharmed. The boy was reportedly in the van alone for around 40 minutes.

The van driver allegedly checked some of the seats before leaving the van, say authorities, but missed the boy who had fallen asleep in his seat. She has been issued a civil citation for failure to inspect a vehicle after transporting students.

The boy was returned to his mother after being found.

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