53-Year-Old Tortoise Needs Home After Owner Dies of Coronavirus

"Ms. Jennifer" turned 53 years old Wednesday


The MSPCA is looking for a forever home for a 53-year-old tortoise whose owner recently died of the novel coronavirus.

"Ms. Jennifer" has been under the care of MSPCA staffers since May 9, after her owner was admitted to the hospital.

Ms. Jennifer weighs in at just four pounds, making her the perfect size for any pet lover, the group said. Her owner made sure to regularly bring the tortoise to the Angell Animal Medical Center to ensure that she was in the best of health.

Ms. Jennifer is not the only animal left behind due to the impacts of the coronavirus.

“We continue to see animals coming to us because their owners have either died, fallen too ill to care for them, or been so impacted economically that they could no longer care for the pets,” said Victoria Odynsky, manager of the MSPCA-Angell’s Boston adoption center. 

“Like we do for every animal in our charge, we’ll take the best possible care of Ms. Jennifer until we find her a suitable adoptive home,” added Odynsky.

On Wednesday, Ms. Jennifer turned 53, and to celebrate, the MSPCA staffers threw her a birthday party complete with playtime outside on the grass, a lot of attention from the staff and volunteers and a fruit salad.

"We like to think she knows the attention is for her, and that she feels the love and support of all of us taking care of her,” said Odynksy.

Those interested in adopting Ms. Jennifer can email for more information or to meet her in person.

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