Raul's Rant: David Price's Joking Tweets Aren't That Funny - NBC10 Boston

Raul's Rant: David Price's Joking Tweets Aren't That Funny

There's nothing funny about an 0-8 postseason record

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    David Price's Joking Tweets Not Funny to Red Sox Nation

    Raul's Rant on David Price joking about his poor postseason record. (Published Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2016)

    Time for a Raul’s Rant and today we’re talking David Price. 

    The Red Sox paid the pitcher $217 million to come to Boston and deliver in the playoffs and in his first season, he failed.The 31-year-old is 0 and 8 as a starter in post season and he’s joking about it these days. 

    In this tweet he wrote “Aloha! Can’t lose a playoff game in Hawaii. #ThankGod”

    You know who’s not laughing? Red Sox Nation.You know who is laughing? Everyone else. 

    Price brings up his record on twitter a lot. He’s wants the approval Sox fans and has been apologizing for his struggles. Here’s how you fix it. Win in October. 

    Ok really quickly. A Raul’s Rave. I like to criticize the NFL on occasion. But today, I applaud you No Fun League. 

    Your decision to move back the extra point was brilliant and we saw it on full display Sunday with a record 12 extra points missed. I hated the extra point, but now it’s going to make coaches go for 2 more and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

    I didn’t like that it affected the Patriots in the playoffs last year, but clearly it has an impact especially as the weather turns.