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Reckless Cycling Prompts Police Crackdown

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    Police in Worcester, Massachusetts, are arresting teens and confiscating bikes amid complaints of large groups of cyclists taking over streets, endangering themselves and drivers.

    (Published Monday, Oct. 16, 2017)

    Reports of reckless cyclists in Worcester, Massachusetts, have prompted police in the city to take action.

    Worcester Police say they've gotten so many complaints about kids on bikes riding unsafely, they're now making arrests and confiscating bikes.

    "They're popping wheelies, riding in large groups of 20 and taking over streets," said Worcester Police Sgt. Sean Murtha. "The latest thing they're doing is called 'swerving,' where they intentionally ride towards a car and at the last minute, like a game of chicken, pull off on the side."

    Some neighbors applaud the move by police, while others think it's overkill.

    "It seems to me, kids riding bikes downtown, that's how everyone spends their childhood right?" asked Julie Dick. "To end up with a juvenile record or get started in the system that way seems totally ridiculous to me."

    Since the crackdown, police say they've arrested several teens and confiscated roughly a dozen bikes.

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