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The Just Crust in Harvard Square Has Closed

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    The Just Crust in Harvard Square Has Closed

    by Marc Hurwitz

    A pizza spot in Cambridge that has been closed for renovations for several months has officially called it a day--though it could reopen in a new location.

    According to an article in Cambridge Day, The Just Crust on Brattle Street in Harvard Square is closed for good, with operations manager Becky Lopes-Filho saying that "The lease is up and the rents are high and going up higher," though she also says that "We are considering the possibility of other locations to reopen in the future." The Just Crust shut down for renovations back in mid-July, though little information was given on the exact status of the place.

    A location of the Upper Crust had once resided in the Brattle Street space, but it closed after the chain declared bankruptcy and Shannon and Liss-Riordan and her husband Kevin opened The Just Crust there in April 2013.

    The address for this now-closed pizzeria in Harvard Square was: The Just Crust, 49 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA, 02138.

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