New Hampshire

Alleged Shoe Thief Injured Falling Down Escalator While Fleeing Store

Michael Neuberger, 35, of Manchester, New Hampshire, is now facing charges in connection with two previous thefts

Screenshot of Escalator

A man who allegedly tried to steal items from a shoe store in New Hampshire on Tuesday was apprehended by police after he injured himself falling down an escalator while attempting to flee the store.

Manchester police said they were called to Off Broadway Shoes on March Avenue on Tuesday for an attempted shoplifting. An employee had reportedly seen a man trying to take items from the store, and when the employee confronted the man, he ran away and fell down the escalator, injuring himself.

The man, later identified as 35-year-old Michael Neuberger, of Manchester, was still at the store when police arrived. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment and his condition was not immediately known.

Police did not say what, if any, charges Neuberger might face in connection with Tuesday's incident. However, they said he had two active arrest warrants for previous incidents.

He is now being charged with unarmed robbery for taking items from Macy's on Nov. 23, and attempted burglary for trying to enter a building with a crowbar on Nov. 10. He was scheduled to be arraigned on those charges Wednesday in Hillsborough Superior Court.

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